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Have a list of add-ons for every service purchase, and make them quick and easy. Would you like to do that? Offer rewards, but tie them to dollar amounts or commitment levels. The greater purchase or commitment garners the greater reward. Annie Mueller is a freelance writer based in St. Find her on Twitter: Follow your passion and we'll follow your lead, with Cards and funding to help you grow your business and your rewards.

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Insights and Inspiration to Grow Your Business. Managing Money. Cash Flow. Getting Customers. Customer Relations. Digital Tools. Social Media Strategy. Building Your Team. Company Culture. Planning for Growth. Growth Opportunities. Find a Solution. Here are some more creative ways to boost sales. Product packages Package a selection of products according to a theme color, season, gift idea, topic, whatever and sell as a special package.

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Seasonal specials For restaurants, this translates into promoting food that is in season. Free meal night One day or night of the week, pick a random customer who gets an entire meal for free. Live music Entertainment not only draws people in, it makes them want to linger, have another cup of wine, maybe some dessert, coffee Contests Any kind of contest can draw people in, but smart contests also make them want to purchase. Family entertainment Hire a clown, a magician, some dude who makes balloon animals. Upsell Have you trained your staff in the power of suggestion?

Offer samples Customers who are afraid to try something new will try a free sample, then, often, purchase a full order. Offer a take-home option Sit-down restaurants could easily increase sales by promoting take-home packages.

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Free info products Digital information products like e-books and white papers can be distributed without additional cost. Shipping Offer free shipping or faster shipping for purchases made within a certain time or over a certain dollar amount.

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Bulk order rewards Customers who buy in bulk get a reward of some kind, such as a free customer club membership or a free T-shirt or other promotional item. Features Highlight a particular item and put it front and center. Cross-promotion For B2B businesses, offer a cross-promotion opportunity, such as a directory listing or advertising spot for customers who purchase within X hours or over X dollar amount.

Freebie night "Every Monday, our th customer gets a free T-shirt! Personal shopper service Take your staff through some training on assisting customers in making their shopping decisions, and then allow customers to make appointments with these newly trained personal shoppers. To me it tastes like whole wheat pasta in consistency. We are used to eating whole wheat pasta so it was fine with us. Free healthy food is great!

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It tasted like regular pasta, but had a slightly harder consistency. Barely noticeable Has anyone else tried it?


I'd love to hear what you think. Faye - I actually had 4 of the coupons that juli mentioned. I bought 2 yesterday 4 total and will purchase 2 more tomorrow another 4. Yesterday was my 1st SuperDoubles. I am pretty jazzed about that and impressed my family with it too. This week you can buy the Mueller's mac on sale for under a buck and get the other product for free at Harris Teeter.

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